Forensic Bookkeeping

What is Forensic Bookkeeping?

Sometimes in business things don’t go quite as planned. Often the bookkeeping is done by someone who is not qualified or not done at all. This can leave your business open to ugly surprises or worse...FRAUD.

Forensic Bookkiieping A Forensic Bookkeeper:

  • Can go into your accounting system and detect problem areas.
  • Put in place controls to tighten the security of your money.
  • Suggest alternate ways to do the recording that makes errors & omissions more detectable.
  • Do a preliminary audit of your books to find out if and how badly your finances may have been compromised.

The Fraud Triangle

Generally 3 things have to be in place to open your business to fraud:

  • Opportunity – the lack of controls and/or oversight.
  • Pressure – the employee has personal problems that could be helped by access to a few extra dollars.
  • Rationalization - “I deserve it”, I’m only going to borrow it”, I’m underpaid and overworked”, “I need it to take care of my family”.

Protect your business by having strong controls in place.

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